We are Girlguiding the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK.


Thank you for choosing to support our work with girls and young women in Sheffield.

Please make a donation and support Girlguiding Sheffield through any of the following ways:

One Off Donation

Download our printable donation form. Once completed send it to us with your donation by post

Regular Giving

One of the best ways to support the work we do for girls and young woman is by making a regular donation monthly or annually. This can be done directly from your bank account by standing order. If you would like to make a difference by setting up regular donations simply download and fill in our Standing Order Form and mail it to your bank. A gift of just £10 a month means we would have £120 a year to put to use developing Girl Guiding in Sheffield

If you are a UK tax payer you can make your donations together with a Gift Aid declaration. This enables Girlguiding Sheffield to reclaim the tax paid on your donations - so your £120 is actually worth £153.85 to us at no extra cost to you. Learn more about how gift aid works.

Donate from your salary (Payroll giving)

If you are a UK employee, this option represents a tax-effective and time-efficient way to support the work of Girlguiding Sheffield by making regular donations directly from your pay.

To facilitate Payroll Giving, an employer simply signs up to a payroll Giving Agency who will administer donations on their behalf.

You will have to authorize your employer to deduct a regular donation from your salary. All donations are taken before tax is calculated, so a monthly £10 donation actually costs you only £8, saving you the £2 in tax (based on basic rate tax currently 20 per cent).

Both you and the Girl Guiding Sheffield benefit from payroll giving:

  • You can give any amount and can alter or stop your donation at any time - just give your payroll department one month’s notice.
  • Regular giving keeps our administration and fundraising costs down so more of your money will be used directly on developing Girl Guiding in Sheffield.
  • Regular income means we can plan and develop our services to girls and young women much more effectively.

Leave a legacy or donate in memorium

One of the best things about leaving a legacy is the feeling of actually making a difference.

If you are one of the millions of women in the UK who has been a member of Girlguiding over the years, you will appreciate the impact guiding can have on a young girl's life. Creating opportunities to grow and develop, making new friendships and meeting new challenges is what guiding is all about. And guiding is unique in that it provides a space for girls and young women to develop without the added stress that having boys around sometimes brings.

With the pressures on young people growing every day, it is reassuring to know guiding continues to give girls a framework for the future. A legacy from you will help provide these experiences and opportunities for generations of girls to come.

Why we need your help

Every year we support around 4,000 girls across Sheffield as they take part in guiding. Subscriptions account for less than a quarter of our income - we deliberately try to keep these low to allow as many girls as possible to participate. The balance of our income has to come from other sources, such as donations and legacies.

What will we use your legacy for?

We are committed to being accessible to all. Every girl is welcome, regardless of her abilities or her social, religious or economic background. A legacy from you will enable us to bring guiding to more girls who currently feel excluded from many areas of society.

We also remain committed to giving girls safe, supervised access to the outdoors – great for building confidence and developing new skills. To do this we need to train and equip our Leaders to the highest standards. A legacy from you will help bring outdoor experiences to those thousands of girls who might otherwise miss out on them.

Giving in Memory

For some the option to give in memory is a fitting way to pay tribute to a recently lost member of your family or a friend. Gifts of this nature commemorate the individual’s values and passion they held dear during their lifetime as well as their support to making a difference.

Our Details are:

Charity name: Girlguiding Sheffield
Address: Guide House, 41 Townhead Street, Sheffield, S1 2BE
UK Registered Charity Number: 524795


Girlguiding Sheffield - County Head Office:

Guide House
41 Townhead Street

Tel: 0114 272 5557
Email: guide.office@girlguidingsheffield.org.uk

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