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Meet the County Team


The Archivist is the caretaker of a collection of Guiding Memorabilia (uniforms, badges, books, photographs etc.) within Sheffield and is keen to share interest and knowledge of Guiding Heritage. The Archivist can help Brownies, Guides and Senior Section members with sections of their badge work using her knowledge and memorabilia. She can also assist Adult members of the Movement with displays and exhibitions of past Guiding.

Arts Team

The role of the Arts Adviser is to ensure that the Arts, in the broadest sense, are encouraged in the programme. Assistant Advisers in particular areas of expertise are often appointed to assist with this. The Arts Adviser may organise training, events and projects and is responsible for informing and enthusing about events organised in Region, Nationally and with outside organisations. She is available to support the Unit Guider and to act as a source of contacts, information and equipment for Arts activities.

Division and District Commissioners

Commissioners support unit Guiders at local level and encourage them to keep up to date. They may organise events and trainings to be held in their area. They also support their Division and the Commissioner; they pass on information received and promote events and trainings. They also feed information and comments back from their unit Guiders.

Guiding Development

The Group provides an opportunity for our trainers and advisers to come together to share ideas and promote Good Guiding.  We meet 5 times a year to agree the future training programme for all volunteers within Girlguiding Sheffield. 

In addition, we help to plan a number of Sheffield wide activities for all sections of Girlguiding Sheffield such as Guide/Brownie camps, Rainbow activity days and Senior Section events. 

Trainings are provided for all leaders and volunteers on key areas such as First Response and Safe Space, but also trainings with ideas for specific sections including the Going Away with scheme and support for Commissioners.  Girlguiding Sheffield aims to hold one training per section (Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section) and a Leaders Day once a year.  There is a full programme of First Response and Safe Space events throughout the year.  Please check the website and Guide News for more information. 

We are always looking for ideas and suggestions for trainings and activities.  Please submit your ideas via your District/Division commissioner or the Ideas Section of the website (can you put a link in?).


The International Adviser is responsible for organising international activities in the County and for the selection of members who want to go on trips overseas. She can give advice and support to Unit Guiders planning to take groups overseas.

Leadership and Mentor Co-ordinator

This team is responsible for the organisation and administration of the Association's Leadership Scheme, which is open to Adults and Young Leaders aged 16 and over. When a potential new Guider starts work on the Leadership Scheme our mentor co-ordinator will find someone to help her through it all. She will also ensure that the mentors are happy with what they are asked to do, and holds regular meetings and arranges training for them.

Members with Special Needs

This Adviser can help any Guider who has a member with Special Needs of any age in her Unit and help adapt the programme to suit needs.

Outdoor Activities Team

This team is led by the Outdoor Activity Adviser. To help her she has a Camp Adviser who is responsible for all aspects of camping within Girlguiding Sheffield and a Holiday Adviser who is responsible for all aspects of Holidays for all sections. The Water Activities Adviser is responsible for all water activities and the Walking Adviser is responsible for all aspects of walking and training Guiders to enable them to take their members out and about. The team is available to help Guiders of all Sections to enable their members to enjoy the Out of Doors.

Press and Public Relations

This Adviser is there to help promote Guiding to the wider community through the media and can give advice, support and assistance with publicity on and for specific occasions at Unit, District, Division and Girlguiding Sheffield level. She has a stock of materials that can be borrowed for such events.

Section Advisers

The Senior Section Adviser offers advice and guidance to Ranger and Young Leader Guiders, keeps records of and offers support to Young Leaders and Guiders and organises events for the Senior Section. She is also responsible for members who are working towards the Queens Guide Award.

The Guide, Brownie and Rainbow Advisers are there to support Guiders of their respective sections and to pass on information about any changes and incentives for their section. They are also likely to be involved in the organisation of events that their sections take part in, and to make recommendations for training and the programme for their section.

Student Co-ordinator

Our student co-ordinator is in contact with local students who are Young Leaders or Guiders, or who want to be! She is in touch with the local universities and will arrange for Girlguiding Sheffield to be present at student fairs and show a friendly face for young women who want to be involved with Guiding in the city.


Girlguiding Sheffield - County Head Office:

Guide House
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Tel: 0114 272 5557
Email: guide.office@girlguidingsheffield.org.uk

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